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Small Group Apparatus Classes

Pilates apparatus class uses the tower, wunda chair, reformer and mat.  The workout will build strength, flexibility and give you long lean looking muscles. I tailor the workout to the people instead of a class for the masses. Limited to 4 participants. Registration & Pilates equipment experience required. If new to Pilates you will need to completed 3 private lessons prior to joining class. Please call or text me to reserve a spot and discuss your experience.

Monday              9-9:50 AM        

Tuesday               11-11:50 AM                  

Saturday              7:30-8:20 & 8:30-9:20 AM

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are ono-on-one with an instructor. Private lessons allow for customized instruction for your body. These lessons will increase flexibility, build strength, sculpt and tone your muscles giving you a long and lean look. If you are new to the practice of Pilates it is recommended that you start with private lessons. This will enable you learn the equipment and get comfortable with the movements. Private lessons by appointment only

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